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Professionals of the hotel and catering industry, you need to communicate online but you don't know how to do it ? Click & Rush is here for you !

From 119 euros HT, we accompany you in the creation of a promotional video that looks like you. Because each HORECA establishment is unique, Click and Rush creates for you a personalized video solution for your website and your social networks !

We offer 3 packs that can be combined to communicate according to your desires and your needs. The principle is simple: You film what you want to highlight, we edit in a professional way, you publish online!

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Video of the "Presentation" pack

Made for the restaurant "Ici et Maintenant" by Saskia and Tchop

Presentation Pack: Your digital business card

> We brainstorm and accompany the production of a presentation video between 30 seconds and 3 minutes highlighting the values and specificities of your establishment.

Affirmation Pack: Regular and personalized videos

> We elaborate together several short videos (max 1min) optimized for social networks and personalized for a regular and quality communication on your products, your events or your commercial offers.

Loyalty Pack: Build customer loyalty, old and new, with video

> Following your graphic charter, we propose a series of short videos, ideal for stories and sponsored content. No inspiration? We'll help you think of effective and aesthetic posts

Not comfortable behind the camera? No problem, we have camera operators ready to do it for you and bring your needs to life!

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