How to create a great video ?

How can you create exciting videos without breaking the bank? Spark interest right from the start.
To be effective, your video needs to captivate your audience quickly.
We have so many tips to help you!

When you start, take time to think about your video marketing strategy and the goals of your video announcement.
Are you looking to increase your company’s brand awareness? Share a team video for internal use? Are you developing a new product range? Do you want to demonstrate your know-how?

Whatever your goals, video can support you in all your initiatives.

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What do you want viewers to think, feel or do?

Decide on the type of video advertising you want to create.

Company presentation: tell your audience about your business, products and services. Highlight your special skills and features, and tell people how they can find you.

Product or service presentation: provide details about a specific service or product you offer. What are its benefits and what distinguishes it from other products or services?

You can take inspiration from other businesses or create something totally new.


What do you want to say?

After you come up with the idea for your promotional video, think about how you’re going to tell your story.
What is your message and when do you want to post it? Who will appear in your video? What shots do you want to film? What props will you need?

Then, start writing the script or summing up your ideas.

You may be tempted to stand in front of the camera and just start talking, but we strongly suggest you prepare your message.

Once you’ve written the script for your promotional video, we recommend you read it out loud (to yourself or another person). This will help you tell if the style is natural, if your main messages are clear and if the length of the video is suitable for the chosen format.

Tip: Mention your company’s name in the first five seconds of the video.


Who will tell your story?

Once you’ve established a plan and a script for your promotional video, you need to think about casting.
If you would like to have a person appear in your video, choose someone who is familiar with your product or service and at ease on camera. It doesn’t have to be the product manager or company employee. The main thing is that this person is able to easily communicate the key messages of your offer.

For a company presentation

If the video is about presenting your company and you’re the owner, you can appear yourself.
Since it’s your business, you are the best person to talk about its core activities.

For a product presentation

The product or service you are presenting can be the hero of your story.
In this case, you can include a voice-over. This technique consists in supplying an audio commentary while the video is playing.

Tip: For the voice-over, choose a person who expresses themselves clearly, and make sure they read the script beforehand.

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Where should you film?

Choose a real and authentic location to shoot your video, such as in or around your offices.
Find a spot with good depth of field, good natural light and a nice setting.

You’ve come up with the concept, written a script and found your cast.
You’re ready to create your video. Other tips and tricks for filming?

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