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Choosing a camera

First, you have to decide on which camera to use. The equipment required for filming your video doesn’t have to be expensive.
What’s the best camera? It’s the one you carry with you, that you know how to use, and that you’re familiar with: in other words, your smartphone. You can also film with a webcam, a GoPro or a digital camera.

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When you choose an interior location to shoot your video, you also need to pay attention to lighting. Choose a room or space with enough natural light (ideally, with indirect sunlight). You need to make sure the subject is evenly lit, especially their face.

Tip: Avoid placing the person you’re filming in front of a window.

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Sound quality is even more important than lighting. If the sound of your promotional video is mediocre, people won’t understand it, and worse yet, they won’t remember it. If your budget allows, the best way to get high quality sound is to use a microphone.

Tip: Always take a few seconds to listen carefully to ambient noise. Sometimes, there are noises like the hum of a machine in the background.


When you turn on your camera, think about the rule of thirds in order to improve composition. This basic creative principle ensures balance by dividing shots into threes. This way, your potential customers will have the impression that your video is more natural and powerful.

Tip: Feel free to shoot close-ups or from different angles. The more you shoot, the more content you’ll have for editing.

Voilà! Now you know how to create a high-quality video.

You can start to attract new customers by telling them the story of your company, for example. Now we will help you wrap up and refine your video.
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