This quick and easy tool allows you to share user codes to access the platform.

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For who ?

Codes are for all companies, municipalities, training centers, organizations that wish to give their customers, members, collaborators the opportunity to have free access to a professional editing service.

This quick and easy tool allows sharing user codes to access the platform.

The beneficiaries can access all our tutorials for free and they will become autonomous in the creation of their videos.

How does it work ?

Generate a code

Buy Codes

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Go back to your profile and click on generate coupon codes for the package you purchased and want to generate codes for.

Please note that codes purchased for one package cannot be used for another package.

Copy and paste the codes that was generated into an email to your client, employee, collaborator to whom you want to benefit from our services.

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  • Enter your coupon code received by email in the space provided and click on use your coupon.
  • Click on create a project.
  • Fill in and check off all the information required to create your project. Then upload your video rushes and graphics so that our professional editors can professionalize your videos.

Your videos are returned to you edited and ready to post within 5 days, guaranteed!

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