How it works

You film, we edit and you publish.
Simple as that!

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You film

Filming has never been so easy! Nowadays, you don’t need fancy and expensive equipment to make a high quality video.
A phone, a digital camera, a webcam, a go pro... everything is possible! Shoot your video and upload it on our platform.

How can you create exciting videos without breaking the bank? Spark interest right from the start.
To be effective, your video needs to captivate your audience quickly. We have so many tips to help you!

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We edit

We assign an audiovisual professional to each project.

Depending on the package your choose, our editor starts by putting rushes (unedited scenes) in chronological order, then selects the best shots. Then, they look for which image to begin and end a shot with, determine the duration of sequences, create the right sequencing, etc.
Finally, they cue voices and music with the images, while adjusting their levels according to the scene. They can also add sound effects.
While staying true to the initial project concept, they keep an eye on mixing and special effects.

Our editors give meaning and an aesthetic to your audiovisual project by selecting and editing shots and by mixing sound.

If a picture is worth 1.000 words then a video is worth 1,8 millions words.

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You publish

Now it’s up to you!

We have delivered you a professional video.
You can show it, broadcast it or publish it to reach your audience.
It’s only one click away...

Where can you publish the video?

Nowadays, it's possible to communicate on a multitude of platforms, social media and your own website.
We adapt the format depending on your needs.
Not sure about the format?

You want to know more?

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