Where to post your videos

There are many ways to post your video. Here’s our selection

Post on your website

It’s crucial to be able to embed your video in your own website in order to make it easy to watch. Most video hosting providers do this by giving you a simple embed code. However, hosting videos on your server takes up a lot of space. That’s why a video hosting site or service is an essential part of any modern content marketing strategy. You’ll need a host for your videos in order to share them with your audience.

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While photos are the most common format on Instagram, videos are gaining more and more traction all the time. In fact, the engagement rate of videos is much higher than for photos. Beyond these figures, there are many reasons to start investing in video. First of all, video enables you to share more complete and more complex stories than with just photos alone.

Whether you’re looking to develop your brand image with a campaign, educate your audience or meet other goals, video offers greater storytelling opportunities. Instagram videos are surely one of the best tools right now (and also in the future) for showing your videos.

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LinkedIn lets users post videos on its platform. A study conducted by the social network says that videos are shared 20 times more often than any other content.

The value of LinkedIn lies in its community, as the network encourages its users to post content. LinkedIn favours postings from personal accounts by giving them a higher profile, simply because they generate more interactions on the platform.

If you want to reach a professional audience, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

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Twitter makes it easy to share information about your company with your community. This social network helps you develop your brand image and is an effective complement to your website.

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If you already have a page on Facebook, your audience will have a direct way to watch your videos. The biggest advantage of Facebook is that you can engage with your followers directly. Thanks to social sharing functionalities, you can ask people to share the videos you post.

You can create a free account in minutes and start uploading videos. To improve your visibility, Facebook also has integrated marketing tools for businesses. The platform’s marketing system is quite robust, which means you can easily transform a simple video into effective advertising for your brand. Using Facebook’s power to broadcast videos is an excellent alternative to YouTube.

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