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Subtitles are a real advantage for a video. Discover all the benefits of this supplement here.
85% of videos are viewed without sound. Indeed, people who watch the news feed of their social networks are not always in a context that allows them to activate the sound. In transportation, at work, or in class, users don't want to disturb the surroundings with the sound of their videos.

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41% of videos are not understandable without sound and subtitles. However, once there are subtitles, it allows users to understand what is going on in the video without having to activate the sound.

With subtitles, your videos will be better referenced and you will get more views, 10% more "likes", 26% more shares, 29% more comments

With these figures you can understand why subtitling is so important. That's why we offer a multi-language subtitling solution for your videos!

We subtitle and/or translate your videos into French, Dutch and English. This option involves an additional cost of 40 € VAT included.

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