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If I shoot videos on my smartphone, will this reflect well on my business? Can I really create high-quality videos on a small budget?

Yes, you can!

You can share the history of your business with your potential customers, including all the powerful visuals, sound and animation available to you with video. Video gives you an excellent opportunity to create a face-to-face conversation with your potential customers, which we can help you with.


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How can you create exciting videos without breaking the bank? Spark interest right from the start.
To be effective, your video needs to captivate your audience quickly.
We have so many tips to help you!

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Prepare your video shooting

  • Think about what you want to say
  • Find a nice location
  • Arrange your material
  • Set up your lighting
  • Ask for authorization
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What do you need to make a video ?

  • Choose the material you need
  • Set up your smartphone for a high-quality video
  • Improve the quality of sound in your setting
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How to make a video

  • Film the interior and exterior of your business
  • Think about what you want to sell
  • Use different perspectives
  • Alternate between close-up and wide-angle shots
  • Film the staff and/or the owner(s)
  • Ask for authorization
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Shoot your videos

How to create high-quality videos?
These days, you can shoot video using a smartphone and get high-quality results thanks to the ever-increasing quality of built-in cameras. However, there are some good practices you still need to know in order to shoot a video successfully using a smartphone.

Post your videos

Where to post your videos ? Video is definitely the most highly prized form of content online. And there are many ways to publish your content.
Where to post and in what format? We have the answers to your questions!

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How to record an interview?

  • Place yourself in a well-lit room
  • Place yourself in the middle of the image
  • Read your text while looking straight into the camera
  • Use a tripod, a book... get creative!
  • Use a microphone and make sure to hide the wire
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Some framing and composition

  • Use symmetry
  • Use the rule of thirds
  • Use leading lines

Host your videos

Is it better to host your own videos or use a video hosting site? And which site should your choose? Many of you are probably looking for the answer to these questions...

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The duration of a video

  • For a 1 min video you will need at least 25 different shots
  • For a 2 min video you will need at least 35 different shots
  • Shoot the same object/ location from different perspectives
  • The more you film, the more we have to work with!
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How to record a voice-over

  • Hold your smartphone about 10 cm from your mouth
  • Avoid recording in an empty room or in a "bathroom"
  • For example, you can record in your car
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What should you talk about in your video?

  • Introduce yourself and your company
  • The values you carry at heart
  • How you stand apart from your competitors
  • Your relationship with your client
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How to be comfortable in front of the camera?

  • Write down what you want to say
  • The more you practise, you better you get
  • Try to speak as naturally as possible
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Your videos on Instagram

Instagram is the best social network for photos. Video formats are becoming more prevalent each year! Let us help you choose the right video format.

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